Entry #8

Gamer Carves controler into arm

2009-06-19 16:05:21 by mimic12455

So I was surfing the gaming site today and came across this article.

Link contains image of blood as well as the reasoning behind the self-mutilation.

nes-controller-into-his-flesh-136690.p html

Your thoughts?


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2014-09-14 00:09:56

jesus man! that shit is crazy! btw i left a review for your foxy video and i encurage you to keep making animations like that. i can see you becoming big on youtube and newgrounds with those. i will be keeping up to date frequently. i also recommend that you make a submission to madness day 2014. i heavily love madness videos and think you coud do a great job! -your truly, Septorex101

mimic12455 responds:

Hey Septorex,

I'll be sure to consider it. I've wanted to try to do a submission to Madness day, never really gave it a try. Perhaps I will when it comes rolling around.